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What is the use of gynecological laparoscopic surgery?
Jul 04, 2018

Gynecological laparoscopic surgery, like hysteroscopy, is divided into confirmed laparoscopy (by examining the diagnosis of the disease) and surgical laparoscopy (surgical treatment of the disease). The use of gynecological laparoscopic surgery is as follows:

(1) confirmed laparoscopy:

1) Endometriosis, laparoscopic is the best way to diagnose the disease with internationally recognized laparoscopy;

2) the nature of the clear pelvic mass;

3) Factors that determine the acute and slow abdominal pain of an unexplained electric hysterectomy device and pelvic pain;

4) pelvic disease that removes or clearly causes infertility;

5) Find and remove the ectopic intrauterine device, and diagnose the uterine perforation caused by suction.

(2) surgical laparoscopy:

1) Various gynecological benign diseases with indications for open surgery;

2) Staging of early endometrial cancer and complete cure of precancerous cervical cancer;

3) Sampling of peritoneal lymph nodes before and after chemotherapy and radiotherapy in middle and late stage cervical cancer;

4) Removal of ectopic intrauterine devices, sterilization, etc.

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