• New Type Uterine Manipulator

    201.047 Multifunctional UTERINE MANIPULATOR Brand new A uterine manipulator key instruments in laparoscopy Hysterectomy. The device allows the surgeon to easily access the key surgical targets in...
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  • Laparoscopic Hysterectomy Uterus Manipulator

    201.046 Yaogens uterine manipulator Apply for TLH,LASH,LAVH. Clear visualization of the fornix Can be fixed directly to the portio
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  • Uterine Manipulator for Total Laparospic Hysterectomy

    201.045 curved uterine manipulator Suitable for TLH and LASH also Radical hysterectomy Uterine Manipulator is commonly used in laparoscopic hysterectomy. It is also used in Total laparoscopic...
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  • Laparoscopic Uterine Manipulator

    201.044 Uterine manipulator Vaginal type Suitable for TLH An essential but often overlooked component of a successful minimally invasive gynecologic procedure is uterine manipulation.
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  • Uterine Manipulator Intensive Type

    Uterine manipulator The fully visualization of the uterus is the important basis for a good gynecological laparoscopic surgery. A uterine manipulator that can be adjusted to different angles...
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  • Uterine Grasper

    Gynecological grasping forceps Uterine grasper 201.003 Φ10×420 201.004Φ5×420 Used in gynecology procedures, long shafts, similar to laparoscopic instruments, and can be used to obtain tissues...
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  • Electric Uterus Cutter

    KE-201A Electric Uterus cutter Features: 1.Autocalvable morcellator 2.India direct supplier 3.CE, ISO certificates 4.Germany quality morcellat Detail Information:
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