Trocar System and Accessories

  • Trocar Reducer Φ10/Φ5

    Item no.:101.071A 101.071D Laparoscopic Trocar reducer Diameter reduction Enables the use of a small instrument diameter, the long one keeps the valve open,the short one leaves the function...
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  • Flap Type Trocar

    101.201 Flap type trocar Types of Laparoscopic Trocar: · Metal Trocar · Plastic Trocar Types of Metal Trocar : · Safety Trocar · Pyramidal Trocar · Endotip Trocar · Magnetic Trocar Sizes of...
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  • Manetic Ball Trocar

    101.085 Magnetic ball trocar Item No.:101.085A-F Features : · Designed to provide excellent utility. · Autoclavable. · Advanced configuration. · Corrosion resistance. · High performance. · Safety...
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  • Magnetic Sheet Trocar

    101.008 Laparoscopic stainless steel magnetic sheet trocar Rigid trocars come in four different diameter sizes (3, 5.5, 10.5, and 12.5 mm) and usual length 95mm and costumed lengths, meanwhile...
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  • Cross Type Trocar

    101.009 Laparoscopic trocar cross- type Φ3.5/5.5/10.5×95mm 1. All stainless steel trumpet valve body trocar sleeves with insufflation port. 2. All metal construction to avoid capacitance buildup....
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