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Electric hysterectomy is mainly used for uterine myomectomy
Jul 04, 2018

Device range of equipment for electric hysterectomy

The electric hysterectomy device is a multi-product gynecological surgical instrument that is suitable for use with a laparoscope. Mainly used for surgery on the removal of uterus and uterine fibroids.

Technical advantages:

1, fast operation Stepless speed regulation: can shorten the operation time and reduce complications caused by long operation time;

2, convenient disinfection: improve the safety factor.

Product updates are faster, please refer to the actual product.

Uterine resection device and surgical instrument product description

1. The hysterectomy device is quick to operate: as long as the required tool speed is selected on the controller during operation, and then the button switch on the hand-held motor is pressed, the tool rotates and the button is released to stop the rotation.

2. Stepless speed regulation: There is a speed display window on the controller. If you need to increase the speed, just press the button switch on the front panel of the control box to adjust it. Press UP to increase the speed and press DOWN to decrease the speed. 3. Convenient disinfection: the hand-held motor can be immersed and immersed in 134 °C high temperature. Just press the lower end of the hand-held motor before disinfection, the motor in the hand-held motor can be easily taken out, and then the handle body is subjected to high temperature sterilization.

The electric hysterectomy device is a multi-piece gynecological surgical instrument. The resection device is used for uterus or uterine fibroids under laparoscopic direct vision.

In gynecological medicine, the treatment of uterine diseases often requires specialized medical equipment. If the uterus has a tumor, it needs to be removed from the uterus. There are many medical devices for removing the uterus in the market. The following describes an electric device. Hysterectomy equipment.

The performance and use of the product, this product is mainly used in the gynecological medical treatment of the uterus, the use of gynecological departments in various medical institutions is more extensive. This device belongs to a class of medical device products. The main method used in hysterectomy is the rotary cutting. This method of resection can greatly reduce the pain of the patient, and can also reduce the safety risk of the operation and facilitate the operation of the doctor. Therefore, Clinical applications are more extensive. At present, this equipment is used in the gynaecology departments of a large number of medical institutions in various places. This electronic hysterectomy device has also been recognized and welcomed by the majority of gynecological medical personnel.

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