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What Are The Advantages Of Arthroscopic Surgery?
Jul 04, 2018

Observed clearly, arthroscopy can dynamically observe the lesions in the joint under near physiological conditions, and some diseases must be diagnosed under arthroscopy.

The operation is fine, and the physiological tissue structure can be preserved intact, and the targeted surgery can limit the joint trauma to a minimum.

It is a minimally invasive surgery, with small skin incision, small surgical incision, ligaments around the joints, joint capsules and cutaneous nerves from injury; less pain - basically no pain after surgery;

Small scar on the skin, small scar stimulation and beautiful appearance;

Surgical injury is small, bleeding is less, the patient suffers less, and the postoperative recovery is fast.

Postoperative joint function recovery is fast, the activity in the lower ground is early, and the activity can be performed on the second day after surgery to reduce postoperative complications (joint adhesion, muscle atrophy, phlebitis, thrombosis, wound infection)

Economy and cost: short hospital stay, reduced medical expenses, short hospital stay, 2-3 days after surgery can get up the activity of nursing care and nursing staff, and resume work as soon as possible.

Indications for arthroscopic surgery

Hip joint: femoral head necrosis, osteoarthritis, free body removal, tumor biopsy

Knee joint: osteoarthritis, free body, meniscus injury, articular cartilage injury repair, joint adhesion release, anterior cruciate ligament injury reconstruction

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