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What Are The Common Forms Of Sinusoscope?
Jul 04, 2018

The sinus mirror is a medical device for the clinical treatment of otolaryngology. It has the advantages of large angle of view, high resolution, strong brightness, and clear imaging. It can be used to diagnose nasal tissue under the scope of theoscope. Surgical treatment with the cooperation. It can also be equipped with endoscopic image display and digital endoscope display for diagnosis and treatment, making clinical diagnosis and treatment more intuitive, clear and accurate. It can record and print the lesion tissue and treatment process in the cavity. Consultation, teaching and archiving. The whole machine is small in size, light in weight and convenient to move and use.

Many patients with sinusitis have undergone various related microscopic examinations. What is the performance of the patient's sinus under the microscope when it is examined? What is the form that indicates that a certain position of the sinus occurs?

What is the lesion?

(1) Normal maxillary sinus: The mucous membrane is thin and transparent, and the yellow bone wall under the mucosa can be seen. The small blood vessels are clearly visible, and the natural opening can be seen above the inner side wall, and sometimes the secondary mouth can be seen. There is a depression in the back of the natural mouth, which is slightly blue, and is a thin wall between the maxillary sinus and the posterior ethmoid sinus.

(2) maxillary sinusitis: acute maxillary sinusitis mucosal congestion is bright red and edema, small blood vessels dilate and become thick, blurred, with mucus or purulent secretions. Early odontogenic maxillary sinusitis originated from infection around the apex, and localized congestion and edema were seen at the sinus floor. Chronic maxillary sinusitis mucosal swelling and thickening, may have scattered edema, polyps, fibrosis, cysts and purulent secretions, natural openings are often blocked.

(3) allergic maxillary sinusitis: pale edema of the mucosa, vascular texture disappeared, sometimes visible sinus filled with polyps, if there is secondary infection, mucosal congestion and accumulation of purulent secretions can be seen.

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