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What Are The Methods Of Endoscopy?
Jul 04, 2018

When the endoscopy is used to check the patient, the traditional method often causes pain to the patient. When the ENT is performed, the patient can sit in the semi-recumbent position, and the doctor can extend the ENT endoscope into the endoscope. Mirror the patient's mouth, ear cavity, nasal cavity, and then carefully check the parts that need to be understood. Because the medical endoscope has good illumination and high definition, the sinus mirror can be clearly seen to be deep, narrow, and cannot be directly under the forehead. Peep structure, such as uncinate process in the middle nasal passage, sputum, maxillary sinus opening, olfactory fissure, nasopharynx eustachian tube opening, adenoid tissue.

Endoscopy endoscopy uses techniques that can be used to inspect and treat inspectors in the human body. Divided into non-invasive and traumatic. The former refers to the direct insertion of the endoscope to check the lumens (such as the digestive tract, respiratory tract, urinary tract, etc.) that communicate with the outside world; the latter is sent through the incision into the endoscope to check the closed body cavity (such as the chest cavity, Abdominal cavity, joint cavity, etc.).

The electronic camera uses microelectronic technology to capture and develop images. Its shape is the same as that of a fiber-optic light guide endoscope. By connecting the endoscope's eyepieces to the camera's connector, the image can be displayed on a TV screen for viewing, similar to an electronic endoscope. Endoscopes are divided into digestive tract, genitourinary tract, respiratory tract, body cavity and head organ speculum according to their purposes.

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