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Does laparoscopic surgery have a negative impact on the body?
Jul 04, 2018

In summary, the laparoscopic surgery is small, the damage to the laparoscopic simulator is small, and the patient recovers quickly. The wound is small and beautiful. There are many advantages over open surgery.

Everything new is not perfect, what are the defects of laparoscopy?

1. The horizon is smaller than the open surgery. Laparoscopy must be operated within the horizon. Failure to adhere to this criterion can cause harm to other organs. This requires practice, experience and discreet emotions. Generally speaking, after proof practice and accumulated experience, this problem is not big.

2. When doing laparoscopy, the need for pneumoperitoneum. The world uses carbon dioxide to establish pneumoperitoneum. This is because carbon dioxide enters the blood circulation and is quickly absorbed (contained in the blood), and then can be discharged through the sinus mirror, greatly reducing the risk of air embolism (not gas). . Too long a pneumothorax or too much pressure can cause some effects:

a. Carbon dioxide in the blood will rise and then affect the pH.

b. High air pressure in the animal test will affect the renal blood circulation, and even lead to renal tubular apoptosis.

c. High air pressure will also add peripheral resistance, reducing cardiac output.

d. High air pressure will also prevent the diaphragmatic movement and affect breathing.

All of this is relative and needs to be adjusted at any time during surgery. Do abdominal ventilation should also be minimized when doing laparoscopy. It usually recovers immediately after surgery.

Minimally invasive surgery for robots is also required for pneumoperitoneum. Because the arm does not require the use of the abdominal wall as a lever fulcrum, it is possible to further reduce the pneumoperitoneum pressure and then minimize the side effects of pneumoperitoneum pressure.

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