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What are the advantages of laparoscopy?
Jul 04, 2018

1. Safety: Because laparoscopic surgery is gentle operation, it shortens the operation time. Thus the electric hysterectomy device has no pain in the wound. In addition, the use of high-brightness lighting, camera skills, will expand the arrangement, so that the scale of the surgical horizon is increased, greatly avoiding the loss of lesions and arranging damage.

2, the wound is small, the patient recovers quickly: the laparoscopic hand of the surgeon is operated outside the body, does not enter the body, only the fine and precise surgical instruments that enter the body, avoiding the pulling of the instruments for open surgery, reducing the abdominal cavity Damage to the serosal layer of the internal organs avoids adhesion of intra-abdominal organs after surgery. The patient was able to move freely on the 1st postoperative day, and there was no urination or exhaustion.

3, less bleeding: Because laparoscopic surgery is a precision operation, making various arrangements easier to identify, can shorten the operation time, reduce bleeding.

4. Short hospitalization time: laparoscopic surgery does not require a long hospitalization time. It can be discharged after 3 days, and normal days and homework after one week.

5. Abdominal wall cosmetic effect: Laparoscopic surgery only 5 -10mm puncture in the umbilicus and lower abdomen, cut small, beautiful, especially suitable for women's beauty needs.

6, less pelvic adhesions: laparoscopic surgery on the pelvic interference is small, no gauze or sutures, such as the arrangement of the touch, so that the postoperative pelvic and abdominal cavity adhesion is much less than the abdominal surgery.

7. Saving medical expenses: The reduction of hospitalization days after laparoscopic surgery, the rapid recovery after surgery, and the reduction of medications all reduce the cost of patients.

8, together with the diagnosis and treatment effect: laparoscopy can replace most of the abdominal laparotomy, so that patients and doctors avoid blind laparotomy, on the other hand, laparoscopic skills can be diagnosed together, especially in Among the diseases such as acute appendicitis and intestinal adhesion, the superiority is more remarkable.

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