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Do You Know Arthroscopy?
Jul 04, 2018

Arthroscopic technique is a very mature operating technique in orthopedics and belongs to the category of minimally invasive surgery. It is an important breakthrough in modern medical science and technology, and it is one of the development directions of joint surgery. At present, arthroscopic surgery is used for shoulder joints, wrist joints, interphalangeal joints, hip joints, knee joints, elbow joints and ankle joints, etc. Among them, knee joints are the most widely used and mature.

Today we will talk about arthroscopy

The use of knee pain treatment.

Young people's knee pain is often caused by injuries, such as cycling, falling, sprains, and sports such as basketball and football, which are particularly prone to injury of the knee's cruciate ligament, medial lateral collateral ligament, and meniscus. Symptoms are swelling and pain in the knee joint, and there is an interlocking of the knee joint, which means that it cannot be stretched or bent. We reconstructed and reconstructed the damaged ligament and meniscus by knee arthroscopy, avoiding the early onset of osteoarthritis in patients due to instability of the knee joint. The knee pain of middle-aged and elderly people is mostly caused by osteoarthritis. In the early stage, there is often pain in front of the knee joint when going up and down the stairs. This is caused by the wear of the patellofemoral articular cartilage, and the pain inside and outside the knee joint may occur later. With the internal and external valgus of the knee, these patients can be treated conservatively by drugs in the early stage, and the joints can be cleaned by arthroscopy in the later stage to improve the symptoms. The cleaning of the inflammatory synovium by the knee arthroscopy and the removal of the loose body can make the patient well. The pain symptoms are alleviated. Of course, the disease can be treated with artificial joint replacement at the end of the disease.

Compared with traditional knee surgery, knee arthroscopy has the advantages of less trauma, less bleeding, exact curative effect, quick recovery, less complications, and small surgical scars. It is possible to get out of bed early, and the length of hospital stay is significantly shortened. Generally, it can be discharged three days after surgery, and the hospitalization expenses are reduced accordingly. Such a small incision eliminates the fear of many patients, especially female patients, from leaving scars after surgery, and is more susceptible to surgery.

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