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What are the characteristics of the sterilization box?
Jul 04, 2018

The sterilization box is primarily used to sterilize medical equipment. Detailed product features are as follows:

1. The identification function of the sterilization box can be controlled, recordable and traceable by using the instructions for the sterilization date, expiration date, item title and whether the sterilization target has been completed.

2, with sealing equipment and filtration equipment, so that the sterilization medium can easily enter and exit the sterilization box, and after sterilization to ensure long-term (> = 6 months) adhere to the aseptic condition, and then ensure the safety of the patient.

3. The special medical sterilization box at the filter hole of the cover is not covered by the plan to avoid dust and liquid pollution during long-distance transportation.

4, disposable filter paper and labels are equipped with a sterilization indicator card to ensure sterilization and reduce other consumables.

5, with a choice of bottom with or without filtration, suitable for camera systems in different steam sterilization equipment.

6. The material of the disinfection cover is PPSU, which is simpler and more durable, resistant to impact and deformation, and scratch resistant.

7. The box body is made of aluminum alloy aluminum material, which is light and solid, has good heat conduction effect and good boring effect.

8, can be reused, with a long life (generally 15-20 years or more), flat for a long time has a very low operating cost advantage.

9, with a rigid bottom, lid. The built-in equipment basket, from the cleaning, sterilization, transportation, storage and final use of the equipment, provides a full range of handling and maintenance.

10, fully enclosed storage and delivery, anti-puncture hard shell, clear and transparent handling of identification and archiving, better support hospital infection control and cleaning quality management.

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